Selected by Pentax-Imaging to promote the campaign of the Ricoh GR, I am humbled and honored that my images are gracing the banner of this camera.

Turning the prosaic into the poetic is the ethos of this site I call it Quotidian Photography and it’s all around us. From the placement of a leaf on the street as a light beam strikes its texture, perhaps a shadow and the way it constitutes a shape or form or even a smile or our interactions with our loved ones. This blog will serve as my sandbox where I experiment in various genres including:

and perhaps others like landscape, wedding, documentary, and event photography as well as photographing the things that are interesting to me as a person and life in general, all intertwined into one big soul bowl via the grid of a viewfinder. Consider this blog a personal narrative as I travel through this journey celebrating life.

I welcome all comments, whether they are insights or constructive criticisms as this is all one path and I’m sure we can all benefit from a varied perspective. After all, these words and images are only my own and only show one side of the equation, but you as well know, photography is such more than one’s man view of the world. This is site is a product of love and more like a personal endeavor. I hope you enjoy your visit, find something interesting, and perhaps come by often and say hello.


— Jorge Ledesma