Enough Pixels

So I’m checking my mail app and in comes in this email from Blurb. You know the type that sometime ago you signed up for and keeping getting the recurring emails, yeah that type. To my surprise the actual title of the email caught my attention ― How to make a meal last forever, so I decided to have a look. Food Photography is something that has always interested me but I have not really practiced it all that much. You know once in a while, I take my compact of choice along to a restaurant and make a few images here and there but that’s a rarity to be honest.

So back to video and the title of this post ― Enough Pixels. If you check out the video you’ll see the chef uses a compact m43 camera and make some wonderful images which ended up in a Blurb book and now that book is sort of like a curriculum vitae for this chef. What a wonderful idea and imaginative way to “make a meal last forever”.  Which goes back to “enough pixels”. Our cameras have more than enough mega pixels already. In fact, more than we’ll ever need and I’m speaking to wide majority not the guys that actually make a living at this and require more mega pixels because their clients are actually requesting them. My Fuji X-E2 and Ricoh GR both coming at sixteen beautiful mega pixels are just fine where they are and I don’t really need any more mega pixels. Go out and shoot what you have, because what you have is probably more than enough pixels.

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    1. Its all about the pixels. The more I’m in this photography gig the more I realize it. I mean, that shot above is from an X100 LE and although the upload compression does take away from the image I’m still shocked at how good this file looks in the computer in the mac preview. Thanks for chiming in!

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