La Yuma

I’m pretty upset at right now, I just sharing this image with everyone and I’m all happy with the end result, I upload here and what you see right below is an exported jpeg straight form lightroom and it looks nothing like what I viewed on my deskop. So, I get to thinking and I tell myself, “let me do a screengrab,” which saves the images as a png and let’s compare. Oh my gosh, what a difference. Click here to view the original image and tell me if you don’t see an immediate difference.  I don’t know why but is compressing the images like there is no tomorrow which totally sucks in my book. I mean we take the time to process an image to our liking and WP ruins it, not right guys, please fix this or are you guys getting too big already? Or better yet, develop another store addon that doesn’t compress the images and I’ll gladly pay $20/year for this service. I mean you sell photography themes and want to cater to all sort of blogs so this make sense. Call it the “Photography Upgrade” and I’ll pay.

Street Photography King

When it comes to street photography, I think we can objectively agree that being inconspicuous is a good skill to acquire early on, its just the way of a “Karyudo“. This particular shot was taken using the Ricoh GR ‘s Snap Focus feature at 2m. Again, I continue to use a combination of Silver Efex(a special preset I’m actively developing) and Lightroom. Notice the tones, the richness of the black and the wonderful greys, I’m now fully convinced Pentax-Ricoh struck just the right balance with the premier street photography tool ― the Ricoh GR.